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What is a “Tailor-made Tour”?

It is a private tour exclusively for you and your group. Being the only guests, your satisfaction will be the highest priority. You will not be forced to follow a pre-defined schedule as will happen in an organised tour group, and you will retain your privacy and independence to follow your own agenda and timetable, which will allow you to discover the beauty and mystery of this peaceful country at your own pace.

Our standard itineraries show you some of the most recommended routings and arrangements for traveling in Bhutan. However, as this is your own tour, you are free to: select the departure dates and tour duration; modify the activities during your journey; select your preferred hotels; decide on flights; and request any special arrangements you may wish for an important occasion, e.g., a birthday or anniversary. We will do our best to fulfill your requirements and we will handle all the reservations for you.

Can I travel as a free individual in Bhutan?

Tourists are not permitted to travel freely without a tour guide in Bhutan. While all tours in Bhutan are pre-arranged, our tailor-made tours offer ample choice and flexibility. Tours to most parts of Bhutan can be arranged for an individual tourist and for small groups of less than three persons in accordance with the travelers' interests and desires. 

How do I get to Bhutan?

Bhutan is connected to the rest of the world by two airlines. The airlines have flights from/to, Thailand (Bangkok), Nepal (Kathmandu)
, Singapore, India (New Delhi, Kolkatta and Gaya) and Bangladesh (Dhaka). Many factors, including air tickets price, flight schedule and flying duration may affect your choice of routings. We will assist your flight bookings and will give the best recommendation according to your requirements.

Hotels & Accommodations
What are the standard accommodations like?

Standard accommodations are included in your tour price. We only work with selected hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges which have been approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. These accommodations have been built with traditional Bhutanese architecture and they provide clean and comfortable rooms. We highly value the satisfactory of our clients, the majority of whom have been very positive about their experiences.

Do I need a Visa? How can I arrange it?

Other than Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals, all visitors to Bhutan require a visa. We will arrange the Bhutan Visa on your behalf.

Tour Price & Payments
What is the “minimum government tariff”? Why is the tour price higher than neighboring destinations?

To ensure sustainable development, the Bhutan government has set a "high value-low impact" travel policy, which includes the minimum nightly tariff for all-inclusive and hassle-free tour packages. The major share of the tariff that goes to the government is used for providing the national health and education systems as well as maintaining the infrastructure for tourism.

Bhutan has managed to preserve its ancient traditions, architecture, sacred monasteries and temples. The pristine environment and the absence of cities and slums add value to Bhutan as a unique tourist destination. For many visitors, Bhutan is a refreshing and uplifting experience, with most visitors discovering something that other destinations have lost years ago.

Unlike many other destinations, tourism in Bhutan has mostly achieved a positive and sustainable influence on the Nation’s environment and culture.  By participating in our Bhutan tours, you will be supporting the country’s policies for sustainable development. Our tour prices are set based on the minimum tariff. Discounts may be given during specific low seasons periods. Please contact us for details.

Can I find cheaper rates for travel to Bhutan?

Yes, this is possible, but please be aware that any rates below the minimum tariff set by the government are illegal and may put you under considerable risk (i.e. payment transfer, legal problem and service standard). The tourism authority strictly monitors any kind of undercutting, and will impose severe sanctions. Cheaper rates would inevitably lead to poorer customer service, as tour operators or touts would herd as many guests as possible into large groups, put them up in sub-standard hotels to cut expenses, and hire unqualified guides to haul their visitors around.


What our clients say?

"The tour guide was very attentive. As I requested, he arranged flowers, photographer and a small Buddhist wedding ceremony in the temple. ” “導遊非常細心,有求必應,按我要求下,安排了花,攝影師及在寺內...
“The tour guide and the driver are very good, they took good care of us throughout the journey. The designed itinerary worked well with us, with good mix of various activities. We were impressed by the people, culture, experience and atmosphere of Bhutan!”...
"I joined 5D4N Bhutan tour on 21Oct to 25Oct through Charlotte Travel.I would like to write a letter to give great appreciation to my travel guide Dendup Ganpo during my journey in Bhutan. Dendup is a kind travel guide. He is knowledgeable and he gave accu...
Cathy Lam
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